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About Mathieu

Mathieu Jean is a compulsive artist with a rapidly growing circle of notable collectors; among them are Ringo Starr, Matt Sorum (Guns n' Roses, The Cult, Velvet Revolver, Kings of Chaos), Oscar Santiago (Il Nino), Jenn Lowe, Telefunken Studios and many more. Much of the inspiration for the work is derived from a lifetime of artistic experimentation and travels across Africa, Asia, and a constellation of special places.  He identifies himself more closely with tribal mystics, aboriginal peoples, and shaman and than any singular art movement.

The paintings are a mindful celebration of all living things; moreover, a meditation. An intimate connection or union with the surfaces, symbols, the lines, textures and colors. When we are truly quiet and reconnected to the Earth, fantastic images develop as if emerging from a deep and ancient pool. It’s beyond explanation. Like music, the canvas simply speaks for me. Each piece is conceived as a vision, the execution of which often leads me down an unpredictable and transformative path.”


About Pyrokraft

Pyrokraft debuted in 2013 when Mathieu was selected design an extremely limited edition of Americana Series Cajons to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Latin Percussion. Mathieu is the principle engraver/Pyrographer for DW Drums, Gretsch Drums, and Latin Percussion,

The artwork was vaulted forward following a wonderful collaboration between Gretsch Drums, Mathieu, and Matt Sorum (Guns n’ Roses) to produce a unique series of hand engraved, limited edition snare drums inspired by Matt Sorum.

Mathieu’s work has been exhibited widely and continues to branch outward into fashion collaborations and charitable foundations, most notably Adopt the Arts (a non-profit co-founded by Matt Sorum to help fund the arts in Los Angeles area Elementary schools). 

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